Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Third Midwife Appointment...

I had my third appointment today, and everything is still looking good!! These appointments haven't been very exciting. I got weighed (a proud 122, thank you very much!), had my temperature taken (101-- weird that I don't feel sick at all..), did the blood pressure check (114/77 I believe) and then I get to hear my baby girl's heartbeat!!! (Which I must say, is the highlight of the whole visit.) I am getting another ultrasound on the 22nd. Even though we got the gender ultrasound, we just want to make sure this one says girl too! I know 2 people who were initially told girl and then it was a BOY. We are pretty sure nothing will change, but we figure one more ultrasound will give us some more confidence.

So that is about it. I know I promised pictures from the gender ultrasound, and I will try to get those up soon... maybe tonight. I don't know how to use our scanner, so I am waiting on Rich to teach me. We have been VERY busy this week working on getting our nursery put together! And I absolutely LOVE it. We are doing green with white bead board. It is looking so cute!! The green is on the walls, and last night we hung all of the bead board. So all we have left is to put up the chair rail, sand all the nail holes, and paint all the white! Rich laughs when I tell him I'm "nesting," but I have energy right now, and I think I am smarter to get it done before I get too huge to care!

Ok, well that's what is new with us, pictures will come soon!! XOXO


dietcokegrrl said...

I want to see pictures of the room when you are done! Sounds adorable!

dietcokegrrl said...

Oh, and don't knock the 122--that's my pre-pregnancy weight. I won't tell you what I am at now. heehee :)
Good thing breastfeeding helps to take it all off!!!