Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I got this in an e-mail, and I was supposed to answer, and forward it to my friends. But honestly, how many people would actually do this if it wasn't on a blog??? So I am posting my answers here, and I tag everyone on my friend list!!! (P.S. If you blog stalk me, leave a comment so I can see your answers, and then we can be blog friends!!)

1 What is your occupation right now ?
Oven... (with side jobs!)

2 What color are your socks right now?
No socks on right now.... I still need to shower and prepare for the day!! But if I was wearing socks, they would be white. All of mine are.. I'm not big on colored socks.

3 What are you listening to right now?
Scott Baio trying to convince Rachael Ray to have kids. P.S. his baby is ADORABLE!!

4 What was the last thing that you ate?
Pizza for breakfast... is there anything better???

5. Can you drive a stick shift?
Hahaha negative.

6 Last person you spoke to on the phone?
My mom- we had to dish about the Biggest Loser, and figure out how many Mormons there are on the show this year!! (FYI Black and Blue teams!)

7 Do you like the person who sent this to you?
I sure do!

8.What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?
Hm... does Wipeout count as a sport??

9. What is your favorite drink?
Ice cold water!!

10. Have you ever dyed your hair?
Yes... my advice- ALWAYS go to a professional. Otherwise the box brown you bought will make you look like Snow White.

11. favorite food?
PASTA is my vice!!!

12. What is the last movie you watched?
Oh man... this is a tough one- in a theater it was Madagascar 2. But at home.. Step Brothers.

13. Favorite day of the year?
Probably Christmas... Rich is always with me ALL day (no work or school) and we always have fun... can't wait to do it with Camryn this year!!

14. How do you vent anger?
I call my mom or Lindsay.... haha

15. What was your favorite toy as a child?
Hmmm... I loved my legos, and my bitty baby.

16. What is your favorite season?
Spring!!! (If the snow has melted... If not, early summer. Warm, but not deathly hot!)

17. Cherries or Blueberries?
Frozen Blueberries

18. Do you want your friends to repost this?

19. Who is the most likely to repost?
Hopefully everyone- I am not going to point fingers and put the pressure on!

20. Who is least likely to repost?
Ha- probably most people who read this.

21. Living arrangements?
Our condo that is ALMOST done being remodeled... WOO HOO!!!

22 When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday!! Hahaha it wasn't a sobbing cry, but tears on the cheek- it was while I was watching the Biggest Loser, and they let Blaine go home to be with his wife for the birth of their 4th baby. She was so happy to see him, and since she cried, so did I!!

23. What is on the floor of your closet?
My shoes

24. What did you do last night?
Made meatloaf, watched American Idol and Biggest Loser, did some Sudoku,

25. What are you most afraid of ?
Having a 10 lb baby!!

26. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers?
Plain with all the fixings!!

27. favorite dog breed?
Anything small enough that it can't stick its nose in my crotch.

28. favorite day of the week?
Sunday... I get to spend all day with Rich!!

29. How many states have you lived in?
2- CA and UT

30. Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds are a girls best friend...

31. What is your favorite flower?
Um.. not a big fan of flowers actually, but I guess if I have to pick.... bright ones??

Ok, TAG, you're IT!!! Please don't disappoint!! XOXO

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Hey Lex, i wanna be your friend...:)