Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby Camryn

Here are the pictures from our gender ultrasound (done at 17 1/2 weeks).  We have decided to name our baby girl Camryn Paige.  Not because it means anything special-- apparently Camryn means crooked nose (poor girl!) and Paige means page. Haha... So there you have it- we didn't do the traditional spelling (Cameron) because her name isn't Cam-er-ON. Just Camryn, K so on to the pictures.

Her cute little profile. So far, no crooked nose. Yay!!

This one is slightly creepy.  Haha. We are probably the worst parents alive for saying this, but our kid kind of looks like an alien here...  And that little circle on her chest is her teeny heart.

She will probably kill us for posting this, but that is the "girl" shot.  If you can identify what is what, you are better than we are.  I can sort of see what is what, but we are hoping for a more clear shot at the 22 week ultrasound.

Here is Camryn giving you a high five.  Or telling you to talk to the hand.  Knowing my kid, it's probably the latter. 

And finally, her teeny little foot!!! You don't know what a relief it was for me to see that my kid had all of the proper limbs!! I had weird dreams that my baby would be born with a missing leg. 

So that's our girl!  I am still in the process of finishing the nursery.  You have know idea how annoying it is to get bead board ready for paint!! I had to fill putty in the nail holes, and I am MOSTLY done sanding it smooth. Then I get to vacuum the dust, wipe down the bead board, and THEN, I can paint!! Yippee!!  I promise to post pictures when it is all finished.  XOXO


Lindsay said...

I feel like I can see these pictures even more clearly online that I could in person. Weird! Cute little crooked-nosed Camryn! We love her already!!!

Jenny said...

I love the name you guys picked! So cute. Can't wait to see the nursery...and I really can't wait to see HER!!!

The Hyer Family said...

You'll love having girls...they are so awesome! And trust me...way more fun to dress than a boy...

Carol Benesh said...

I love her already!