Sunday, August 15, 2010


(Tell me this is not the CUTEST thing you've ever seen?!?!)

This kid has a TON of hair. She's sported a hair clip since the day she was born (true story!). But I am not a fan of palm trees/pigtails, etc... on babies. So all of that hair has been waiting, for this day!! Cam's first pigtails!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Miss Camryn...

Ok, so Cam's been feeding herself for awhile now. Mostly we cut up her food, stick it on her tray, and let her go to town. But not until this week did I even CONSIDER the idea of letting her feed herself her yogurt or applesauce!! Haha. It is quite entertaining. She does a pretty good job, except she always turns the spoon upside down before she puts it in her mouth. So she drops 1/3 of it in the process. The nice thing about this self feeding is that it entertains her for a lot longer!! Here are some photos from the first time I let her feed herself applesauce:

How cute is that girl??

She was SO PROUD of herself!!

And now that another month has passed, it's time to do some Cam updates!!

What Cam Says:
(We wrote all these down on Jul 28 in preparation for her doctors appointment)
Water= wa wa or wahder
Daddy= da da
Night Night= ni ni
Ball= ba
Balloon= bahgnn
Dog= da, woof woof (in that order)
No= no no no
Mom= ma ma, or mom
Sippy= "sss"
Food= fooff
More= ma
Thank you= thk u
Book= ba
Bubbles= buh ba
Ryder (her boyfriend)= Ryder or de ry.
Uh oh= uh oh (recently she's added a syllable to it, and it's uh oh da)
Her favorite bear= Ma
Shh= Shh shhh
** Additionaly, since her appointment she's added:
Tickle= tckl
All done= ah da
Elmo= Mommy, or mo mo
Show= (as in, I want to watch a show) Shhh
Book= Ba
Bath= Ba
Bug= Buh

Animal Sounds:
Dog= woof, woof
Horse= (Shakes head, like a horse does)
Pig= (snorts)
Chicken= bababa (bawk bawk bawk)
Lion= ahhhhhhh (it's how she roars)
Snake= sssss
Monkey= ah ah ah (sometimes... she forgets this one a lot)
Bunny= (Scrunches her nose and blows air out of it, like a bunny wrinkling his nose)
Dinosaur= ahhhhh (roaring again)
Fish= smacks her lips softly
Cat=(a high pitched aaaahhh)

When she's told to say bye bye, she blows kisses.
When she wants a treat, she says "thk u, thk u"
When she wants to play pat-a-cake, she does the hand gesture for "Mark it with a C" and says, "Patik, patik"
When she wants to brush her teeth she puts her index finger in her mouth like it's a toothbrush and says, "chh, chh, chh chh" Like the Raffi song.
When playing with a toy car or helicopter, she says, "Brrr brr"
Shakes head no
Drinks from a straw (FINALLY)
Loves to look at pictures of herself and say "dat" (That maybe?? No idea)
Loves to look at herself in the mirror.
Can identify eyes (ours and hers)
Loves playing peek-a-boo.
Loves swinging in her swing.

Her rage:

We have discovered that Cam has a VERY short fuse. If you take something away from her, wipe her face, try to help her *but she thinks you are trying to take something away from her* she clenches her teeth, balls up her fists, and makes a "Hhhhuuuhhhhhh" sound. We really need to video it. It is like she is Hulk baby.

Ok, that is all I can think of for now. I am so glad she's started talking now!! It is so much fun!! And also, really really nice that she can tell me what she wants for the most part!

Appointment Stats:
22.4 lbs= 55%
32" tall= 90%

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just being silly

A few nights ago I went into Camryn's room at 11:30 to check on her before we went to bed. I walked in to find her sitting up in her crib, just talking to her bear. She had snot all over her face, so I brought her out to give her some Emergen-C. She wasn't used to the carbonation, so she kept making the funniest faces!! Whenever we'd laugh, she'd get this big cheesy grin, and crack up. Evidence:


And getting into everything!