Friday, December 26, 2008

Looks like we will be needing lots of these...

Because we are having a GIRL!!?!?!?! Not at all what either one of us was expecting, but we are getting used to the idea of a teeny girl!!  We are down in Vegas visiting my family for Christmas, so to get us (me) in the girl spirit, we (I) have been hitting up all the after Christmas sales and getting girly things!! I'll have to post pictures later with all my cute finds!!!  We're thinking Camryn Paige for the name... not 100% sure yet, but we are about 90% on it!  When we are back home, I'll scan the ultrasound pictures so everyone can see!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Steve & Barry's.... Going Out of Business??

Ok, so while I was perusing Craigslist tonight (I usually check it out every few days to see if they have any good deals on baby items) someone posted that Steve & Barry's is going out of business and everything is %70 percent off!!! I think I might be making a special trip down there tomorrow-- full price is only $10ish, so I am thinking I might get some size 2-4 jeans to wear with the BellaBand, and maybe some cute winter coats or baggy shirts for when the belly explodes!!! So keep your fingers crossed that I get some awesome deals! XOXO

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Second Appointment...

So I went in for my second appointment, but it was a little more like a first because I found a new midwife that will cost half of what the other place did.. Yay!! It was a pretty basic appointment. Lots of information about the new birthing center, a quick tour, and then I gave an um... "sample" and weighed myself (116... Gasp!!) and it was on to blood pressure and temperature check (all was normal). Then it was time to find the heartbeat. Anyone who has spoken to me recently knows that before every appointment (or at least these 2) I start to get this thought, "what if they can't find the heartbeat??" It doesn't give me super anxiety or anything, but it is always in the back of my mind. So my midwife had a girl who is from Kansas studying midwifery in Utah do a lot of the general stuff while she went over paperwork with me (i.e. blood pressure, temp..) and then she asked if this girl wanted to find the heartbeat. So I am lying there, and no joke, this girl tried for 5 minutes without finding ANYTHING! So needless to say there was a small part of me that was like, oh great... here it comes... But neither one of them seemed super concerned. After awhile the girl gave up, and handed the doppler to my midwife and she found it, no problem!! Whew!!! So all in all everything looks good, and I am scheduled for my next appointment January 6th!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

15 1/2 Weeks... My Lovely Baby Bump

So there it is folks!! It might look like nothing, but trust me, that bump makes a difference in the way my jeans fit!!! (Or rather, are struggling to fit..) Pretty soon it will be time to pull out the Bella Band (Thanks again Niki!!!) For now, I suck it in to button the jeans when I leave the house, and as soon as I get home, I undo the button or slip into PJs!!

Things have been pretty uneventful so far. Morning sickness is FINALLY gone (YAY!!!) and I am just waiting for my next midwife appointment on Wednesday morning.. I'll update if I get any new info. Rich is almost done with school (this is his finals week) and I am looking forward to having more cuddle time with him in the mornings now that he won't have to run off to school early!! We are heading to Vegas for Christmas with my family on my birthday *the 22nd* and Rich has promised me that we can stop at In N Out as many times as I want!! Woo hoo!! After a huge snow storm today, we are totally looking forward to warmer weather, and also some of this cute face.

More later!! XOXO