Thursday, July 22, 2010

A preview....

Here's one of the ADORABLE pictures of Cam, taken by my friend Lauren!! You can see the others that she put up here.

P.S. The kid walks. EVERYWHERE. Video will be up once we get around to taking one!

Monday, July 5, 2010

13 months (tomorrow)

Cam's (former... we reorganized since this post) favorite thing to do is pull all the video games out of the cabinet. Here she is in action:

Step 1: Assume no one is watching you and pull out cases at your leisure.

Step 2: Hear the faint sound of a camera and halt said activity.

Step 3: Catch the paparazzi in act!

Step 4:Approach paparazzi.

Step 5: Try to steal their camera.

Step 6: Try harder.

Step 7:Attack!!!

Now just for fun:

Cam LOVES lasagna!!!

and chocolate donuts!

At 13 months Cam can:

*Make animal noises. (She can do horse, lion, pig, chicken...)

*She can say dog (in addition to the things she was saying last month) and sometimes she says no no. Haha.

*She still eats everything (except bananas).

*She LOVES her Teddy Bear (named Ma). When she wakes up, she always says "Ma" and grabs him before she'll let us pick her up.

*She is sort of figuring out the walking thing! (Apparently yesterday she took 3 steps to Rich's mom. I missed it.)

*She loves to swing.

*Her favorite thing is to climb all over our bed!

*She HATES having her diaper changed. It is torture to her. She is so wiggly, she can't stand to have to be still for even a second! It takes major bribery/distraction to get a diaper change done without tears.

*She pretends to talk on the phone (or the tv remote).

*She constantly crawls over to the door and tries to open it so she can go outside. The other day she took my keys and was trying to use them to open the front door!

*The kid is a FISH!! She LOVES swimming in our pool. She will let us dunk her under water, and she jumps in (well we sit her on the ledge and she edges forward until she falls in the water.).

We love our little Cram!!

Cam's Boyfriend.

Cam LOVES her boyfriend, Ryder. These babies are SOO cute together. They share:

And they KISS: *I should mention that Ryder is the first person she ever kissed. She never gave us kisses until Ryder taught her how to*