Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family Pictures + Some Videos...

About a month or so ago, my friend Michelle posted her family pictures on her blog, and I knew we needed to get ours done at the same place!! I love this company (Fotofly in Draper). They are seriously amazing-- anyone who can catch some cute shots of our wild girl deserves some praise in my opinion!! Here are a few of my favorites (you can see the whole album if we're facebook friends):I've wanted to use this color combination for awhile now, and I'm so glad we did!! I love how they turned out!! I made Cam's skirt from this tutorial, her shirt from this tutorial (I just shortened it to a tee shirt) and her baby legs from this tutorial.

Such a happy kid!!

This is probably my all time favorite picture of Camryn from our photo shoot. I love it!!

Here's one of our family shots. We are pretty cute, if I do say so myself...


The first is Cam's first exposure to Yo Gabba Gabba. Hahah I'll let you see for yourself what she thought of it...

The second is my bragging video- my kid (at not quite 18 months) knows her COLORS!!! Thank you Preschool Prep DVDs!!

Now that Cam is almost 18 months she:
*Counts to 3 (usually if we say 1 first, she'll say "twooo, treeee"
*Can identify: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, and black.
*Loves music and dancing
*LOOOOVES cheese (string and sharp cheddar)
*Loves mandarin oranges
*Loves yogurt
*Likes salad with balsalmic vinegarette dressing
*Thinks Edward and Bella from Twilight are Daddy and Mahhmee
*Loves going outside
*Gives high fives and knuckles
*Says "hello" when she plays with a cell phone or remote
*Can identify: eyes, ears, hair, eyebrows, nose, and mouth.
*Loves to climb everything. She's fallen off the couch twice today.
*Loves her boots or any shoes really.
*Is one Sunday away from being old enough for Nursery at church!!
*Can say uncle and aunt.
*Has been having some issues going to bed at night for the past week or so (i.e. cries when we put her down), but we are powering through!!!
*Loves giving kisses
*Sleeps in til 8 or later in the morning (LOOOVE this)
*Wears size 18-24 months, and shoe size 4 or 5
*Was awesome about using the potty before we left for Vegas for Halloween, but we have slacked on it since we got home... will resume after Christmas!!

Can't believe this girl is (almost) one and a half already!!! Where has the time gone??