Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family Pictures + Some Videos...

About a month or so ago, my friend Michelle posted her family pictures on her blog, and I knew we needed to get ours done at the same place!! I love this company (Fotofly in Draper). They are seriously amazing-- anyone who can catch some cute shots of our wild girl deserves some praise in my opinion!! Here are a few of my favorites (you can see the whole album if we're facebook friends):I've wanted to use this color combination for awhile now, and I'm so glad we did!! I love how they turned out!! I made Cam's skirt from this tutorial, her shirt from this tutorial (I just shortened it to a tee shirt) and her baby legs from this tutorial.

Such a happy kid!!

This is probably my all time favorite picture of Camryn from our photo shoot. I love it!!

Here's one of our family shots. We are pretty cute, if I do say so myself...


The first is Cam's first exposure to Yo Gabba Gabba. Hahah I'll let you see for yourself what she thought of it...

The second is my bragging video- my kid (at not quite 18 months) knows her COLORS!!! Thank you Preschool Prep DVDs!!

Now that Cam is almost 18 months she:
*Counts to 3 (usually if we say 1 first, she'll say "twooo, treeee"
*Can identify: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, and black.
*Loves music and dancing
*LOOOOVES cheese (string and sharp cheddar)
*Loves mandarin oranges
*Loves yogurt
*Likes salad with balsalmic vinegarette dressing
*Thinks Edward and Bella from Twilight are Daddy and Mahhmee
*Loves going outside
*Gives high fives and knuckles
*Says "hello" when she plays with a cell phone or remote
*Can identify: eyes, ears, hair, eyebrows, nose, and mouth.
*Loves to climb everything. She's fallen off the couch twice today.
*Loves her boots or any shoes really.
*Is one Sunday away from being old enough for Nursery at church!!
*Can say uncle and aunt.
*Has been having some issues going to bed at night for the past week or so (i.e. cries when we put her down), but we are powering through!!!
*Loves giving kisses
*Sleeps in til 8 or later in the morning (LOOOVE this)
*Wears size 18-24 months, and shoe size 4 or 5
*Was awesome about using the potty before we left for Vegas for Halloween, but we have slacked on it since we got home... will resume after Christmas!!

Can't believe this girl is (almost) one and a half already!!! Where has the time gone??

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finally... A Post!

**For my loyal readers, sorry this was not up on Sunday like I promised. When you see the almost 30 pictures I uploaded, hopefully you'll understand why it took so long for me to get motivated to do this! Moving on...**

The Park:
In early October, we took Camryn to our church park, and there was a horse next door! She LOVED it, and kept trying to pet it. (PS. I love the lighting in this picture.)

Nothing beats a new pair of chucks, homemade baby legs, and a jean mini skirt!

Proof that Cam does have a mother! Haha I am usually behind the camera, so there are hardly any pictures of the 2 of us together. Unfortunately, this isn't even a great shot, but oh well- I was teaching her how to swing on the big swings on her stomach.

Just exploring...

For some reason she went through a phase last month where she was super interested in her tongue.

Going down the slide-- look at her lashes! I love them!

This is one girl who absolutely LOVES her Daddy... Can you tell by her expression??

I'm sad I cut her chin off in this picture, because I love it!! Teaching her to slide backwards.

The Zoo:
We did another zoo trip with the cousins mid October- we wanted to get one more outdoor outing in before the cold weather hit!! Here we are with Stacey and Kaidrey..

Kristi, Seren, Lici and Zac enjoying the elephants.

Camille and Tytan checking out the rhino.

Her expression in this picture cracks me up! She looks so grown up!

No one rocks a homemade "Elmo is my homeboy" shirt quite like Cam. (Note the tongue again...)

I love this turquoise color on her!! She is quite yummy, don't you agree?

More of the tongue. Haha crazy girl.

Vegas Trip:
We went to Vegas for our 4th anniversary and Halloween this year!! Check out these cute Benesh cousins... Apparently they all got the striped shirt memo.

Owen is a master soccer player- he tried to teach Cam his tricks... but she didn't catch on.

Jack did enjoy the benefits of having younger cousins... slave labor!

This picture totally cracks me up!! I can just see her thinking, "Dad, get the camera out of my face!"

Cute Owee on the retro rocket.

Cam LOVED these goggles- she is amazing. Haha.

The dads took the kids to the park!

Jack pulled them. For about 30 seconds I hear. Haha.

Miss Camryn LOVES Daddy's computer!! Everytime she sees it she says, "Appoh, appoh" (Apple).

That kneebouncers site is a hoot!

This is the best shot we have of her from Halloween. The girl does not sit still!!! (If we're FB friends, you can see a cuter picture the Zockolls took). Can you see her little stinger?? She was a bee.

Finally, I took this a few days ago. This is the first time she wore this tulle skirt, and she kept saying, "tutu, diddy" (pretty).

17 Month Highlights:

At 17 months, Cam:

*is sleeping 12-13 hours at night. (Usually 7 or 8 pm to 8 am... I am loving this. Before the time change, she wasn't waking up til 9 ish)
*is down to one 3 hour nap (sometimes a little shorter, sometimes a little longer)
*still hates bananas
*loves bath time
*loves reading her books (favorites are: 5 Little Ladybugs, Blue Hat, Green Hat, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, No David, David Gets in Trouble, ABC book, The Hungry Caterpillar...)
*loves anything that resembles a phone (remotes, my old nintendo di, etc...)
*still loves Elmo and Ma (her bear)
*still loves the movie Juno
*loves fruit snacks
*favorite songs are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Popcorn Popping, and Apple Bottom Jeans. (She even sings along to the part that goes "Low, low, low, low" but she goes, "No, no, no, no" haha!)
*dances to any music
*loves to hide and then pop out her head and say, "boo"
*finally calls me by name!! Cutest thing ever, by the way.
*loves to wear sunglasses and shoes (any type-- church shoes, snow boots, etc...)
*can identify nose, ears, eyes, hair, and eyebrows

What she can say:

*milk= guhk
*juice= jooosss
*water=wah wah
*daddy= daddy, or dah-ee
*bye= buh bye
*duck= duhhk
*please=peeese (in a falsetto)
*boots= bbboootsss
*more= which for some reason comes out wah (??)
*is starting to learn colors. she can say: purple=puhpoh, green=gree, blue=boo, yellow=eeh-oh, orange=ahnge, black= back, brown=bown, pink=peek, and she is working on figuring out which color is which. She pretty much always guesses purple first.
*Jack= Jck
*hi (about 500 times a day... and if you don't say it back, she will just get up in your face and repeat it until you respond! haha it's so funny!)
*she's starting to count! If I say, "one" she'll say, "two... " (and sometimes three if we're lucky!)

I'm sure there is more, but that's all I can come up with right now. She is talking more and more everyday!! I am LOVING it!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I will blog. I promise.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We Love Daddy's Day Off Work!!!

Rich started working four 10-hour shifts at work, so until he finds a second job (probably after he takes the GRE) we have him all to ourselves on Wednesdays!! I'm afraid we're getting spoiled... Cam and I will miss having an entire day with Daddy!! On Monday, my friend and I took our kids to the Discovery Museum at the Gateway, and decided to get season passes! Best decision we ever made. We've already been twice this week. Totally worth it. So today Rich wanted to go and see Cam in action...

Outside by the helicopter. Life flight donated one of theirs that had some mechanical problems, and all the big kids love to play in it. Cam didn't care so much.

This is what happens pretty much every time we pull the camera out. She'll be looking at me, and as soon as she sees it, turns away!! Boo. But.... it is an awesome shot of the shirt I embellished for her. Cute, huh?

She LOVED coloring her own "cartoon." She did this for about 10 minutes, which is the longest she did any one thing at the Gateway.

She climbed all the way to the top. The girl loves stairs. She could have done this all day if we let her.
We played music. This is Cam's second favorite thing to do. (P.S. she is starting to look super old...)

So, so fun!

Typical Cam concentration face. Hahah. This is yellow because I took the picture through yellow glass... They have this tube (kind of like at bank drive thru's where you stick the canister in and it is sucked up inside) where you can put a ball in, and it is sucked up through a maze of swirly tubes.

Cam played dress up!! Hahah she LOVES hats. You'd trust her to build something, wouldn't you??
Stopping to smell the flowers...

After we played, we ate lunch at Panda Express in the food court. YUM!! Cam is a big fan of chow mein (she should be, that is what I craved during my first-trimester-evil-morning-sickness!)

Coming soon: POTTY TRAINING!!!! We have already started pre-potty training her. She's peed on the potty 6 times already!! Yay!

Now that Miss Camryn is 16 months old...

*she is talking up a storm! Off the top of my head she's now saying:
treat (tree)
up (I taught her to say this after I got tired of listening to whining every time she wanted to get on the couch!)
ahbah (popsicle)
Aduh (Atlas, the little boy I watch Thursday and Fridays)
all duh (all done)
doggie (instead of dog... kind of hard to distinguish from daddy)
bzzz (the sound a bee makes)
Memi (Remi her cousin... she LOVES him!)
Bapa (Papa)
Elmo (she is obsessed.)
Hi (she says this all.the.time.)

*loves reading.

*loves puzzles. She can't do them by herself just yet, but she knows how to match the puzzle piece with the picture on the board. She just needs help getting the piece to fit in.

*loves dancing. (Her favorite movie is Juno... she loooves the music in the beginning and asks for it... 'no? 'no?)

*Still eats pretty much everything (except bananas still!!)

*Is down to one afternoon nap, ranging anywhere from 2-3 hours. We are working on getting that to a consistent 3.

*has 12 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom, and all 4 one year molars)

*her newest nickname is Ray. As in Ray Charles. She closes her eyes ALL THE TIME!! She squints them shut randomly while she's eating, playing, dancing, walking down the hall.... It's HILARIOUS. I wish I could catch it on tape.

*She loves wearing necklaces. She puts them on and says, "Diddy" (Pretty).

*She is a TOTAL Daddy's girl! And I love it!! When she gets hurt, she cries "Daddy," when she wakes up the first thing she says (after hi about 5 times) is "Daddy?" All day long. She loves him. It's my favorite (when he's home).

I still can't believe my kid is 16 months old!! How did that happen?? She is seeming more and more like a big girl everyday. *sigh.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Trip to Wyoming!!!

Being a stay at home mom has some definite perks. One of them is the freedom to travel at my leisure!!! I haven't seen my friend Katie since she was pregnant, and now her little James is 7 months old, so Cam and I made the 8+ hour drive to visit them for 10 days! It was so much fun, we were sad to go back home! Katie has this awesome park by her house (where they sell the yummiest ice cream for super cheap!), so we took the kids a few times. (Incidentally, these are the ONLY pictures from our trip. Oops. *Note to self, TAKE MORE PICTURES!)

Cam loved the swings, until she discovered that roaming around the park was much more fun (For her. Chasing her was not so much fun for me.)

How freaking cute is James?? This was his first time on the swings...

And he was LOVING it!!

Check out all those teeth!! When did my girl get so OLD??

And this is the face she pulled for most of the pictures. Haha eyes closed, huge smile. Yelling, "EEEEEeeeeeEEEE!" the entire time. Pure joy.

Thanks for hosting us for so long Wallenkamps!! Can't wait to see you (in Utah this time) in November!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


(Tell me this is not the CUTEST thing you've ever seen?!?!)

This kid has a TON of hair. She's sported a hair clip since the day she was born (true story!). But I am not a fan of palm trees/pigtails, etc... on babies. So all of that hair has been waiting, for this day!! Cam's first pigtails!