Thursday, May 27, 2010

LOST Finale!! (+ Cute Cam)

The time has come to say goodbye to our favorite show. What better way than to drive down to Vegas for a finale party?? Our car was having some major issues on the drive from Bountiful to Provo, (we went 50 miles and used up a half of a tank of gas!) so we rented one of these beauties. A Kia Rio. This car had the bare minimums. No automatic door lock, crank windows, manual side mirror adjusting, no cruise control... But it did have Sirius Satellite Radio (???).

***Warning... If you don't watch LOST, this post will only confuse you***

Now, in no particular order, I present you with our AMAZING Series Finale party.

Our boarding passes.

Our Dharma food.

Our Dharma water.

What kind of a plane crash would it be without luggage strewn about??

Some delicious crackers.

Thirst-quenching Dharma Beer.

So the weather was NOT cooperating. There was some crazy wind and light rain (better than the SNOW Utah got... don't get me started on that one!) so our amazing hosts got a tent!! The show must go on!

We had a CATERED dinner!!! Our hostess Tiffany was on a game show and won a catered meal, so she decided what better occasion to use it on?? It was DELICIOUS!!

Our favorite Dharma friends.

Rich was the smoke monster!!

Our whole group. And yes, we are all total winners. Don't be jealous.

The candidates.

Our hostess with the mostest!!! Tiffany even hand made these Dharma fish biscuits!

We each got a black and white stone.

Haha my awesome costume. Check out that wig!! Crazy Claire!

We had so much fun!! Thanks for including us Fagans and Zockolls!!!

And now, just because she's cute:

This is what your hair looks like when Daddy is in charge of bath time.

If you give the Cram a watermelon, she will make a total mess. But at least she tries to share with you!!!

Ok, total picture overload, but I could't resist!!! Stay tuned next month for Camryn's first birthday (*sniff... sniff)!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

11 Months Old!

Our little Cam is a happy kid!

She loves her accessories. (And LOVES to pull them out of her hair!)

She is a bit mischievous.

She likes to crawl EVERYWHERE (don't mind the baby cleavage... this shirt has a weird neckline.)

She loves to stand. She pulls herself up ALL THE TIME.

11 Month Highlights:

*21 lbs 2 oz (75%) 30" tall (95%)

*6 teeth

*waves "hi" and "bye-bye"

*gives open mouth (and tongue hanging out) kisses

*loves music

*she loves books. if you ask her where her books are, she crawls over to them. Her favorite are the Usborne "Touchy-Feely" books, and Five Little Lady Bugs

*she eats EVERYTHING! Last night we went to CPK and got an appetizer that was a cheese bread with a side of tomatoes, garlic, and evoo.. she ate the bread, but was acting like she was not happy with it... so I put a tomato in front of her, and she gobbled it up!! Such refined tastebuds, this one has.

*likes to brush her teeth

She is getting so big!! Can't believe this kid will be ONE next month... Stay Tuned.