Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Trip to Wyoming!!!

Being a stay at home mom has some definite perks. One of them is the freedom to travel at my leisure!!! I haven't seen my friend Katie since she was pregnant, and now her little James is 7 months old, so Cam and I made the 8+ hour drive to visit them for 10 days! It was so much fun, we were sad to go back home! Katie has this awesome park by her house (where they sell the yummiest ice cream for super cheap!), so we took the kids a few times. (Incidentally, these are the ONLY pictures from our trip. Oops. *Note to self, TAKE MORE PICTURES!)

Cam loved the swings, until she discovered that roaming around the park was much more fun (For her. Chasing her was not so much fun for me.)

How freaking cute is James?? This was his first time on the swings...

And he was LOVING it!!

Check out all those teeth!! When did my girl get so OLD??

And this is the face she pulled for most of the pictures. Haha eyes closed, huge smile. Yelling, "EEEEEeeeeeEEEE!" the entire time. Pure joy.

Thanks for hosting us for so long Wallenkamps!! Can't wait to see you (in Utah this time) in November!!