Friday, February 27, 2009

We are all just a bunch of copy-cats!

So we are copying this from Lindsay and Adam, who copied it from their friends. You type your name and needs (ex: Lexi needs) in google search, and write the first 10 things that come up!

Lexi Needs:

1. Lexi needs a miracle
2. Lexi needs numbers!
3. Lexi needs her giants and she's sooo close!
4. Lexi needs a home (apparently my name is also popular for dogs. sad.)
5. Lexi needs to quit whoring around so she wouldn't have to cover it up in the first place! (Soap operas... haha)
6. Lexi needs Darius to help fight the evil demon Amadja who had taken the lost brother Tain over seven-hundred years ago and is now planning to unleash the evil of the Darkening
7. Lexi needs healing vibes
8. Lexi needs a brother or sister
9. Lexi needs a younger man
10. Lexi needs someone to cling to in her new environment.

Richard Needs:
1. Richard needs forgiveness
2. Richard needs to go to beauty school
3. Richard needs a Jew
4. Richard needs your prayers
5. Richard needs TLC as new life begins
6. Richard needs a mom!
7. Richard needs to buy this (a beer pong table!)
8. Richard needs a goat
9. Richard needs a ride
10. Richard needs assistance

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Here it is!! The lovely 25 1/2 week gut shot!! It sure is expanding isn't it??? Especially compared to Lindsay's teeny tiny 20 1/2 week gut!!

Isn't this lovely? Finally a face shot of me pregnant. I think I have been avoiding doing these because I hate to take a picture by myself, so I always just have Rich leave my face out of the shot!!

The nursery!!! (Couch will be replaced by crib soon!) This is the view from the door...

Here is the view from our closets. I am repainting the stars... big orange one will be the dark brown (I decided since it is the biggest star, I didn't want it to be the BOLDEST color), and I am going to paint the brown one in a more tangerine orange (to match the changing pad I dyed, and the orange in the bedding...)

The closets... Doors need to get another coat of paint on them... can you tell we ran out of paint on that last door?? It's only half painted... haha. And we still need to put the knobs on too.

Artwork for Camryn. I made this after I found a really cute picture on etsy that I fell in love with, but it wasn't in my colors... so I went to my favorite paper store here in Bountiful, and got my supplies!!
And last, but not least. Mister Jack. Haha he sure did love that baby seat!! We had so much fun having Zockoll's in town, and can't wait to party (hopefully) one more time before our babies come!! XOXO

Monday, February 16, 2009

Coming Soon-

A new and exciting post!!! We had the Zockolls in town this last weekend, and had SO MUCH FUN!! Of course Rich and I didn't pull out our camera once, because they brought their super nice one that would just put our little 4 megapixel camera to shame. So as soon as Adam gets home and e-mails me the pictures from this weekend, I promise to post!! (There WILL be nursery pictures in there too!!) We had so much fun eating, shopping, crafting, eating, crafting, eating.... I'm trying to help Lindsay put on as much pregnancy weight as I have!! Ok, so be just a little bit more patient with me, and I will post soon!! XOXO

Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Tag!

Use the letter of your first name to answer the questions! Enjoy!

1. What is your name: Lexi

2. A four Letter Word:

3. A boy's Name:

4. A girl's Name:

5. An occupation: Lawyer

6. A color:

7. Something you wear:

8. A food:

9. Something found in the bathroom:
Lysol Bathroom Cleaner??

10. A place:

11. A reason for being late:
Lost Keys

12. Something you shout: LUCKY (think Napoleon Dynamite)

13. A movie title:
Lady and the Tramp

14. Something you drink:

15. A musical group:
Lovin' Spoonful (thanks Mom!)

16. An animal:

17. A street name: Lexington Ave.

18. A type of car:

19. The title of a song:
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

20. Candy:


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Month Has Passed....

And I met with my midwife today!!! Let's see if you can see the weight gain pattern here: First appointment, I weighed 116. Second, 122, third....... 128!!! Hahaha I have gained a steady 6 lbs each month! And as Lindsay so kindly pointed out to me today... I could potentially gain 24 more before this girl decides to come!! (Hopefully it will start to slow down...) Things are looking good. Miss Camryn is head down, and I was told will most likely stay that way. YAY!!! No breech baby= happy me. The gut was measured, but I didn't ask what that number was.... and that is about it!! I promise, I will post nursery pictures soon- it is all painted and even has stars AND a picture I made up on the walls, but there is still a black leather (pleather actually) couch in the room, and no closet doors have been hung, so I am ashamed to post pictures until it is all done!! Will attempt to get pictures up this week maybe??? XOXO