Friday, February 27, 2009

We are all just a bunch of copy-cats!

So we are copying this from Lindsay and Adam, who copied it from their friends. You type your name and needs (ex: Lexi needs) in google search, and write the first 10 things that come up!

Lexi Needs:

1. Lexi needs a miracle
2. Lexi needs numbers!
3. Lexi needs her giants and she's sooo close!
4. Lexi needs a home (apparently my name is also popular for dogs. sad.)
5. Lexi needs to quit whoring around so she wouldn't have to cover it up in the first place! (Soap operas... haha)
6. Lexi needs Darius to help fight the evil demon Amadja who had taken the lost brother Tain over seven-hundred years ago and is now planning to unleash the evil of the Darkening
7. Lexi needs healing vibes
8. Lexi needs a brother or sister
9. Lexi needs a younger man
10. Lexi needs someone to cling to in her new environment.

Richard Needs:
1. Richard needs forgiveness
2. Richard needs to go to beauty school
3. Richard needs a Jew
4. Richard needs your prayers
5. Richard needs TLC as new life begins
6. Richard needs a mom!
7. Richard needs to buy this (a beer pong table!)
8. Richard needs a goat
9. Richard needs a ride
10. Richard needs assistance

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