Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cam is SIX MONTHS OLD!!!!!

And as an official "big girl," Camryn shows off her sitting skills! (She is pretty good at this... but her new thing is arching her back when she is bored, so she falls... live and learn.)

But as long as we put a "sitting up toy" in front of her, she does a pretty good job!

Cam loves her daddy *(notice his toe to the right... she was smiling at him!)

She really wants to learn to crawl. But I am not ready for it yet.

Sitting like a big girl in her high chair from Grandma and Grandpa B. She LOVES it!!

Mmmm.... Sweet Potato!! (Imagine a creepy Oprah voice... did everyone see that clip on the soup?? watch it here)
I love how she holds on to the side of her seat like she is afraid of letting go. She does this in her car seat too.

Still loves her bath!!

Don't be jealous of my baby's B cups... haha. SO cute!!

All clean and ready for bed!!!

What can I say about my little Cramryn??

*she LOVES dogs!! *Well... she loves the one dog she's met. It was a half chihuahua/ half pug named Titus. She loved to pet him, and kiss him, and now for some reason, she pants ALL THE TIME *no joke.

*She loves baby food (pretty much any kind).

*She eats her toes

*Loves getting her teeth brushed

*Talks to herself when she wakes up from naps (it's pretty cute).

*Down to 3 naps a day! *as opposed to like 5. haha

*Kicks her feet when she gets excited

*She gives HUGS!! Oh my gosh, this is my favorite. When you get her out of her crib, she wraps her arms around you and cuddles for a few seconds. SO cute.

*She loves being around other people

*Loves the car

*She's getting better about eating food with texture (like crumbled up cracker, bread, even tried *and loved* tomato tonight!)

*She loves music

*She likes when you show her the gum in your mouth

*She loves drinking water out of the bottom of a straw

*We joke that she says "hello." haha... she makes the sounds "heh ooo" when she's talking to herself.

*She is still a good sleeper at night, waking up just once (or sometimes not at all) to eat.

*She is STILL (knock on wood!) such a happy kid!!! I love it- the girl never cries-- sometimes she'll cry when we put her to bed, but that is it. Seriously, she is the best baby ever.

I can't believe my little baby is already six months old- that went by too fast!! I know these next six months will zoom by, and pretty soon my sweet baby will be a crazy toddler walking around and getting into everything. Please please please can someone slow this down?? (I'm not ready for her to be mobile!!!)

We love having Camryn in our little family!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coming Soon....

My baby is almost 6 months. I can't believe it. Post coming soon. For now, enjoy this tasty little morsel. XOXO

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Five Months Old, and TWO teeth!!

Can you see it?? (Click to enlarge)

Yes, Miss Camryn has not one, but TWO teeth. AHHH!! (Don't worry, she hasn't bitten me yet.) On Oct. 29, I was letting her chew on my finger, when I felt something in her mouth. At first I thought our neighbor's little girl had fed her a Cheerio. But no, it was a teeny, tiny little tooth. At not even 5 months old. And then a week later, out popped the one next to it!! I must admit, it is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. We are working on getting better pictures of the teeth, but every time our hands get near her mouth, she sticks out her tongue.

Ok, so this is kind of a weird picture, but I was peeking on Cam a few minutes after I put her down for a nap, and this is what I saw. Hahah... she was just hanging out in her crib, feet in the air, chatting away. I loved it!!
This little lady loves to read her Princess and Fairy books!!

I love how she is looking at me like, "Uhh... Can I help you with something?"

Cam's Five Month Highlights:

*Blowing raspberries. We have a lot of fun with that one.

*Rolling from back to tummy (I have a video of this, but the computer crashed while I was uploading it, so we'll do videos another time.). She does this all the time---even during a diaper change!

*She softly smacks her lips. Kind of like a fish. It's cute.

*She twirls my hair in her fingers while I feed her. (Sweetest thing you'll never see!)

*She loves Baby Mozart. As soon as the little caterpillar comes across the screen, she flashes it the biggest smile!!!

*She is working on sitting up. We practice on our bed so the landing is a little softer.

*She loves brushing her teeth.

*She puts everything in her mouth.

*She is not so much fun at church. Not terrible by any means, but we usually have to wake her up from a morning nap for our 10am church, and then she is awake until mid Sunday School, where she sometimes falls asleep, and then.... the STUPID BELL rings to signal the end of class and she is wide awake and hungry. Which means we make it to about 15 mins of Relief Society before I have to go feed (and usually change) her. Getting us back for the last 10 minutes. AHHH. **Don't get me started on the irreverence of bells at church. I didn't grow up with it, and think it is ridiculous. Set a timer on your watch or phone if you tend to run over with your lessons!!!**

*She still loves bath time. (And doesn't even cry or fuss when we get water in her eyes. We let some fall in her eyes when we rinse her hair so she gets used to it... we aren't raising a wuss!)

*She HATES homemade baby food, but loves it if it comes from a jar. I pureed squash for her, and she gagged a few times and then puked. So I bought Gerber squash to see if she'd take that better, and she DOWNS it. I'm thinking my food processor doesn't get it smooth enough for her. She pretty much gags on anything with texture.

*So far it seems like she prefers veggies over fruits (just like her mom!). Her favorites are carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes.

*She is generally very happy when she wakes up. As soon as she sees the person sent in to rescue her from her crib, she smiles and usually blows raspberries. (Pretty stinking cute.)

*Still won't take a bottle, so we have tried a rubber nipple sippy cup, but she just bites down on it and gets water on her shirt.

*Still naps around the clock. (REALLY loving this one!)

*Still loves the car.

*Still loves being swaddled to sleep.

*Is a big fan of her daddy when he comes home from work, but nothing beats mom. (AKA "the milk train")

*She has lots of nicknames- Bink, Binker Do, Cam, Crammen, Baby Cama-ren, Cram-ma-ren, Cramryn, Baby, Baby Girl... It's a wonder the girl actually figured out her real name and responds to it!

*She loves to chew on paper.

*She's still such a happy, mellow baby. We make 'em good I tell ya!!!

I can't believe in less than a month my baby will be half a year old!?!?!? Can someone slow down the time please??

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Sneak Peek...

I told you. Cutest tiger in town.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just Because She's Cute...

Today after church we laid her in this little floor mat while we changed out of church clothes. When we walked into her room, she was asleep with all the lights and music playing!! Tired baby!

This is Cam. These are her fingers. She eats them

She is such a happy girl.

If she is not chewing on her hands, she drools... Want to know why??? SHE HAS A TOOTH!!! (Pictures of that one eventually. She tries to lick our fingers when we attempt to get a glimpse of it.)

She likes tummy time if someone else does it with her.

This is Cam squawking.
This is Mom eating Cam's face. We do this a lot. She loves it. So do I.

Cam likes to be Super Baby.

And this is the look Cam gives us as soon as we pull the camera out. Boredom/confusion. Bye for now!


Ok, so these are not pictures of Cam in her Halloween costume. We actually didn't put her in her costume on Halloween!! (But have no fear, pictures are coming.... soon we hope!) She wore her costume the day before for the free photo shoot we won, so as soon as we get the disk, you will see the cutest little tiger in town. For now, you get our little skeleton.

This one makes me smile. She is so chatty.

Notice the gash on her cheek. She always claws at her face right before pictures. (She did it before her blessing too!)

Just being cute.

AHHH!! She's upside down!

Happy (Belated) Halloween!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nothing Beats....

early morning bed-head!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Splish Splash...

Cam outgrew her $7 baby bath seat. (This is why I didn't spend lots of money on a baby bath tub.... it would have only lasted her 4 ish months!) Now she has been upgraded to a big girl bath seat, and she LOVES it!!!

This is my favorite picture!!! Haha it looks like she's saying, "You talkin' to me?" So so cute!

She is so much happier sitting up!! She had gotten to the point where she would kick her legs so much that she'd slide down so far her bum would almost be off the little net!
Cam loves to chew on her manta ray... it is her only squirt toy that she can hold on to.

Nothing beats a clean baby!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Four Months Already?!?

The other day Cam woke up around 6:30am (much too early for her lazy parents--- especially on a Saturday!!) so I fed her, and she slept in our bed until around 10:30am (much more reasonable, don't you agree??). I love how she sleeps with her arms up by her face whenever she isn't swaddled!

Now that Cam is a "big girl" she eats some big girl food!! She loves oatmeal, thinks rice cereal is just ok, and loves to suck on apples and grapes!!

All big girls feed themselves. Only a baby would allow people to spoon feed them.

So last night Camryn decided to stay up and party with us a little later than usual. She was talking like crazy until we pulled out the camera, and this is all we got. (This is the short video... the first one is an entire minute of her staring at the camera acting like she is way too cool to perform for us.)

Here are some of Cam's four month highlights:

*She can ALMOST roll from back to tummy. She gets a little more than halfway there, but then gives up.

*She can totally roll from tummy to back, but doesn't do it very consistently. She does it if she thinks no one is watching her, but if she thinks you are expecting her to entertain you, she once again acts like she is way too cool.

*She tries to CRAWL!!!! I am so NOT ready for this one. Last night we put her on her tummy with a burp cloth under her face to prevent slobber from landing on the carpet. She basically crawled so that the burp cloth was level with her legs. (Does that description make sense?) I do NOT want her to crawl anytime soon. I am happy with an immobile baby!!

*Her favorite song is "Apple Bottom Jeans"

*She loves watching Baby Mozart in her bouncy seat. When she gets excited she kicks her right leg to make the chair bounce.

*She still loves bath time, but now tries to roll over. Not my favorite, so we are looking into getting a bath seat for her.

*She laughs very rarely, and most often it's if she thinks she is making you laugh.

*She puts everything in her mouth (mostly our fingers!).

*She LOVES to chew on her toys or burp cloth...

*She still naps like a champ. Stays awake for only about an hour ish, and then goes right to sleep. (LOVE that one!!)

I'm sure I am leaving something out, but that is all Rich and I could come up with right now- We are so crazy about this little girl, she is so much fun!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Can't Get Enough of this Baby!

Ok, I have been a bit of a lame blogger. I need to try to blog once a week. Will someone please remind me to do this??? Cam and I have been busy lately!! We had a few weeks of down time at home after Vegas, and then this past weekend we went up to Boise, Idaho for a girls weekend with all the women in Rich's family. Camryn was such a good baby!!! She is so mellow. I love it! We got back last night, and today Cam was being so cute, I just couldn't resist the urge to snap a few (or like 30) pictures of my cute little bug! Enjoy! XOXO

Cam loves to lift her shirt (boy are we in trouble!). Any time she's wearing something that is not a onesie, she grabs it and tries to eat it!!

Look at that dang cute face!!! As long as she is well rested and fed, this little girl tolerates tummy time quite well these days...

Don't mind the slobber on the chin....

I mean seriously, how cute is this face???

Check out those lashes!! I just want to eat her up!

Haha I think she was watching TV.... It always makes tummy time a little better...

Check out that neck control!! (and ignore the shredded couch in the background... we are giving our cats to Rich's friend.... Probably this week. I am a little sad about it, but since we live in a condo where all outside animals must be on a leash, our options were either keep them as indoor cats for the next few years and lose our minds, or give them to someone who could let them be outdoor cats!)

Watching Baby Mozart... and looking so cute in her shirt from Grandma B.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Trip to Vegas + Three Months Old!!

***WARNING: Picture overload***

On Friday, August 1st Rich left on a 5-day river rafting trip. So instead of being all alone for 5 whole days, Cam and I decided to head down to Vegas and stay with Zockolls until Owen's blessing (Labor Day weekend).
Our first stop: Cedar City, UT. Cam was a SUPER traveler!!! She slept from our house all the way to Cedar City... a four hour drive!! We sat in the car in the parking lot of a gas station so I could feed her and get a little play time in before we hit the road again.

We stayed Friday night in St. George with the Fackrells. Mia was so cute with Cam! She wanted to hold her all the time, and was so sweet with her!! (Little Mia is so petite, I don't really know who should be holding who in this picture!!)

We made it to Vegas!!! Cute little Jack all ready for a swim!

Teeny tiny Owee. So Cute!! Not too sure about this whole 100-degree-plus weather...

Miss Cam. The girl loves to sleep.

As soon as she woke up, I changed her into this cute little number. Seriously, I want to eat her up!!

Cam thinks Owee is pretty right on about this Vegas weather.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture Lindsay took of Cam in the water!!

Please excuse my pale body. I haven't seen the sun in over a year.

We compared sizes once again. We call this one "Jack Sprat could eat no fat..." Haha... Cute little babies!

Lindsay and I got in LOTS of shopping. Poor Owen was all tuckered out. (I don't know why it is underlining my typing... SO ANNOYING!)

Cam LOVED shopping, but once again questioned the sanity of her mother bringing her to a place so hot.

Finally after two weeks, Rich came to join us!!! We were so excited to see him! Cam missed her daddy!!!

On Labor Day we hiked Mt. Charleston (partly... we didn't make it too far before we gave up and just enjoyed playing in nature) with Zockolls and their cute neighbors. I carried Cam in the baby bjorn for the first 30 mins (at most- the girl weighs over 13 lbs!) and then Rich took over the rest of the time.

Back home- (WE MISS ZOCKOLLS!!!) This picture captures a rare moment, because Camryn NEVER falls asleep and cuddles on ANYONE. Cute little bug was all tuckered out!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Camryn is THREE MONTHS OLD!!!

Tummy time- not her favorite time of day, but she is learning to tolerate it. Usually when she gets tired of it she gets whiny and face plants into the ground.

So after she gets sick of "real" tummy time, we do it on the boppy!!

Ahhh.... Much better!!!

Tummy time is always better when Bob joins in on the fun! (Ahh stupid line!!)

Cam eats her fingers ALL DAY LONG.

Look at that big girl standing up!! (She learned this trick in Vegas... before she would just go limp when we tried to stand her up!)

Cute Cam getting mugged on. This happens all day long. Seriously. She is delicious.

Cam's Three Month highlights:

-Giggling.. It is the cutest little raspy laugh ever!

-Rolling over. But this is VERY rare. She did it a couple of times for Lindsay, but has yet to show her father this talent.

-Learned (today) to sleep in her crib instead of the swing WITHOUT ANY TEARS!! Yay!!!

-LOVES to talk to anyone who will listen. She has a really loud voice, squawks all day. (She even talked on the phone with Rich before he met up with us in Vegas! So cute- she'd listen while he talked, and then squawked back!)

-She has gotten a ton better at neck control!! Yay! No more floppy baby!

We are so in love with this little bug!!! She is such a happy baby!