Monday, October 12, 2009

Four Months Already?!?

The other day Cam woke up around 6:30am (much too early for her lazy parents--- especially on a Saturday!!) so I fed her, and she slept in our bed until around 10:30am (much more reasonable, don't you agree??). I love how she sleeps with her arms up by her face whenever she isn't swaddled!

Now that Cam is a "big girl" she eats some big girl food!! She loves oatmeal, thinks rice cereal is just ok, and loves to suck on apples and grapes!!

All big girls feed themselves. Only a baby would allow people to spoon feed them.

So last night Camryn decided to stay up and party with us a little later than usual. She was talking like crazy until we pulled out the camera, and this is all we got. (This is the short video... the first one is an entire minute of her staring at the camera acting like she is way too cool to perform for us.)

Here are some of Cam's four month highlights:

*She can ALMOST roll from back to tummy. She gets a little more than halfway there, but then gives up.

*She can totally roll from tummy to back, but doesn't do it very consistently. She does it if she thinks no one is watching her, but if she thinks you are expecting her to entertain you, she once again acts like she is way too cool.

*She tries to CRAWL!!!! I am so NOT ready for this one. Last night we put her on her tummy with a burp cloth under her face to prevent slobber from landing on the carpet. She basically crawled so that the burp cloth was level with her legs. (Does that description make sense?) I do NOT want her to crawl anytime soon. I am happy with an immobile baby!!

*Her favorite song is "Apple Bottom Jeans"

*She loves watching Baby Mozart in her bouncy seat. When she gets excited she kicks her right leg to make the chair bounce.

*She still loves bath time, but now tries to roll over. Not my favorite, so we are looking into getting a bath seat for her.

*She laughs very rarely, and most often it's if she thinks she is making you laugh.

*She puts everything in her mouth (mostly our fingers!).

*She LOVES to chew on her toys or burp cloth...

*She still naps like a champ. Stays awake for only about an hour ish, and then goes right to sleep. (LOVE that one!!)

I'm sure I am leaving something out, but that is all Rich and I could come up with right now- We are so crazy about this little girl, she is so much fun!!


The Skousens said...

Oh she is just too cute! I love that first picture, so sweet! She is getting so big, isn't it amazing how fast time goes by?!

Pablo and Syd said...

Cam's getting so big!! she's so cute!! Can't wait to see you on Saturday!!

Kylee Benesh said...


Anonymous said...

I can't believe she's moving! And four months!! Wow. She is so cute.

Bingham Family said...

So cute Lexi! That girl has one head full of hair. I think she might have more hair than I do. I don't know about you, but I am losing hair like crazy after having Addison. I think I'll be bald by the end of the month.