Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We Love Daddy's Day Off Work!!!

Rich started working four 10-hour shifts at work, so until he finds a second job (probably after he takes the GRE) we have him all to ourselves on Wednesdays!! I'm afraid we're getting spoiled... Cam and I will miss having an entire day with Daddy!! On Monday, my friend and I took our kids to the Discovery Museum at the Gateway, and decided to get season passes! Best decision we ever made. We've already been twice this week. Totally worth it. So today Rich wanted to go and see Cam in action...

Outside by the helicopter. Life flight donated one of theirs that had some mechanical problems, and all the big kids love to play in it. Cam didn't care so much.

This is what happens pretty much every time we pull the camera out. She'll be looking at me, and as soon as she sees it, turns away!! Boo. But.... it is an awesome shot of the shirt I embellished for her. Cute, huh?

She LOVED coloring her own "cartoon." She did this for about 10 minutes, which is the longest she did any one thing at the Gateway.

She climbed all the way to the top. The girl loves stairs. She could have done this all day if we let her.
We played music. This is Cam's second favorite thing to do. (P.S. she is starting to look super old...)

So, so fun!

Typical Cam concentration face. Hahah. This is yellow because I took the picture through yellow glass... They have this tube (kind of like at bank drive thru's where you stick the canister in and it is sucked up inside) where you can put a ball in, and it is sucked up through a maze of swirly tubes.

Cam played dress up!! Hahah she LOVES hats. You'd trust her to build something, wouldn't you??
Stopping to smell the flowers...

After we played, we ate lunch at Panda Express in the food court. YUM!! Cam is a big fan of chow mein (she should be, that is what I craved during my first-trimester-evil-morning-sickness!)

Coming soon: POTTY TRAINING!!!! We have already started pre-potty training her. She's peed on the potty 6 times already!! Yay!

Now that Miss Camryn is 16 months old...

*she is talking up a storm! Off the top of my head she's now saying:
treat (tree)
up (I taught her to say this after I got tired of listening to whining every time she wanted to get on the couch!)
ahbah (popsicle)
Aduh (Atlas, the little boy I watch Thursday and Fridays)
all duh (all done)
doggie (instead of dog... kind of hard to distinguish from daddy)
bzzz (the sound a bee makes)
Memi (Remi her cousin... she LOVES him!)
Bapa (Papa)
Elmo (she is obsessed.)
Hi (she says this all.the.time.)

*loves reading.

*loves puzzles. She can't do them by herself just yet, but she knows how to match the puzzle piece with the picture on the board. She just needs help getting the piece to fit in.

*loves dancing. (Her favorite movie is Juno... she loooves the music in the beginning and asks for it... 'no? 'no?)

*Still eats pretty much everything (except bananas still!!)

*Is down to one afternoon nap, ranging anywhere from 2-3 hours. We are working on getting that to a consistent 3.

*has 12 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom, and all 4 one year molars)

*her newest nickname is Ray. As in Ray Charles. She closes her eyes ALL THE TIME!! She squints them shut randomly while she's eating, playing, dancing, walking down the hall.... It's HILARIOUS. I wish I could catch it on tape.

*She loves wearing necklaces. She puts them on and says, "Diddy" (Pretty).

*She is a TOTAL Daddy's girl! And I love it!! When she gets hurt, she cries "Daddy," when she wakes up the first thing she says (after hi about 5 times) is "Daddy?" All day long. She loves him. It's my favorite (when he's home).

I still can't believe my kid is 16 months old!! How did that happen?? She is seeming more and more like a big girl everyday. *sigh.