Sunday, March 14, 2010

9 Months Old + Our Trip to the Zoo!!

This cute girl is 9 months old!!!

Check out those teeth!! (She has one more on the top next to the shorter of her two top teeth, but you can't see it...)

Last Thursday, the weather was AWESOME, so we went to the zoo!! Can you see our excitement??

We saw some giraffes... don't mind my squinty eyes... it was sunny!

Trying to get a shot of the 3 babies was NOT easy, but our designated photographer, Camille sure tried hard!

Here are my favorite shots of our group: Above, Camille and MaKinley

Cute Cam

I love this one of Zac!!

Remi, who is probably one of Camryn's favorite people ever- he is so sweet with her!

Seren, sporting her new hairdo (Bangs!)

Miss Lici

Tytan, who is ready to challenge his cousins to some football!!

the baby of the group, Kaidrey!!

And Liam!
Some of us couldn't handle all the walking...

The whole group!!! (Plus a gorilla...)

Cam didn't really take much interest in the zoo animals, so we will be holding off on buying a season pass, but we sure had fun getting out of the house and seeing family! (Cam did however LOVE staring at the carousel.. I promised her I'd let her ride the one at DisneyLand when we go next month!)

Some 9 month highlights:

*Cam can say Mom. She doesn't so much know that I'm her mom, but when she is hurt, or mad that she's in bed, she cries out, "Mom Mom Mom..." Breaks my heart!!

*Cam pants when she gets excited

*She can play peekaboo- pulling a blanket, washcloth, piece of clothing, etc over her eyes when you say, "Where's Camryn???"

*She can eat baby goldfish crackers whole!

*She can pull herself up to her knees, but hasn't figured out how to stand yet

*She crawls EVERYWHERE!

*After 9 MONTHS of wearing a clip in her hair everyday, she has finally realized how to rip it out. NOT my favorite, since she does NOT have a face for bangs... so her long hair falls in her face.

*She eats everything!! Seriously, we went out to sushi on Monday, and Cam ate the crabmeat out of my California Roll. It was a proud moment for me.

*She takes 2 naps a day, and goes to bed around 7 at night.

*She jumps when she hears music.

*She likes to eat books.

*She makes a bitter beer face if you offer her food/drink that she doesn't want.

*Still LOVES baths. When she hears the water running, she crawls as fast as she can to the bathroom.

*She can go forward and backward in the walker our friends loaned us.

*She's usually pretty happy, but is developing a bit of an attitude- if she gets mad, she balls up her fists, clenches her teeth, and grunts/yells at you.

*She gets really excited when she sees Baby Mozart on tv. Too cute!

We can't believe our baby is 9 months old already!!?!? She's getting more fun everyday! We love you Cram!