Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just Because She's Cute...

Today after church we laid her in this little floor mat while we changed out of church clothes. When we walked into her room, she was asleep with all the lights and music playing!! Tired baby!

This is Cam. These are her fingers. She eats them

She is such a happy girl.

If she is not chewing on her hands, she drools... Want to know why??? SHE HAS A TOOTH!!! (Pictures of that one eventually. She tries to lick our fingers when we attempt to get a glimpse of it.)

She likes tummy time if someone else does it with her.

This is Cam squawking.
This is Mom eating Cam's face. We do this a lot. She loves it. So do I.

Cam likes to be Super Baby.

And this is the look Cam gives us as soon as we pull the camera out. Boredom/confusion. Bye for now!


Lindsay said...

I think that last picture might be my favorite! Cute Cam!

Aymee said...

Could she be any cuter, seriously. I. Love. Her.