Thursday, May 6, 2010

11 Months Old!

Our little Cam is a happy kid!

She loves her accessories. (And LOVES to pull them out of her hair!)

She is a bit mischievous.

She likes to crawl EVERYWHERE (don't mind the baby cleavage... this shirt has a weird neckline.)

She loves to stand. She pulls herself up ALL THE TIME.

11 Month Highlights:

*21 lbs 2 oz (75%) 30" tall (95%)

*6 teeth

*waves "hi" and "bye-bye"

*gives open mouth (and tongue hanging out) kisses

*loves music

*she loves books. if you ask her where her books are, she crawls over to them. Her favorite are the Usborne "Touchy-Feely" books, and Five Little Lady Bugs

*she eats EVERYTHING! Last night we went to CPK and got an appetizer that was a cheese bread with a side of tomatoes, garlic, and evoo.. she ate the bread, but was acting like she was not happy with it... so I put a tomato in front of her, and she gobbled it up!! Such refined tastebuds, this one has.

*likes to brush her teeth

She is getting so big!! Can't believe this kid will be ONE next month... Stay Tuned.


Taryn said...

I'm in the middle of working on Macy's 11 month update too!

That first picture of her is SO cute! She is such an adorable little girl. I love that she has such mature taste buds!

Pablo, Syd and Charlotte said...

I can't believe how big she is!!! its so crazy, all of a sudden she grew from a baby into a little girl. they grow up way too fast. She is such a cutie. we really need to get together soon, after mother's day i'm totally free, so if you are too then we should meet somewhere or just have a play date.

oh and we did get the graco blossom 4 in 1 highchair, way too funny that you have that one too. best highchair ever. our family calls it "Char's mercedes benz highchair"

The Skousens said...

I can't believe that she is going to be a year old...crazy how time flies! I love the pictures of her smiling so big...she's too cute!

Jenny said...

I can't believe she's almost one. Oh my goodness...they grow so fast! Especially when they're not your own. Ha ha. She is such a doll!

Laura Essig said...

hahaha. she weighs more than ellie, i guess the cleveage explains it... some girls are blessed, ellie and I aren't one of them

Sarah said...

I can't believe she's almost 1! That's crazy. She is so freaking cute. you ever sell any of those cute bows you make? :)

Kristen said...

She Has Got To Be The Cutest Little Girl I Have Ever Seen!!!! When You Gonna Come Visit???