Wednesday, January 28, 2009


only ONE month late at making them... will I be any better at following them??? Probably NOT. But here they are nonetheless:

1. DEEP clean one room in my house a day... (6 rooms.... 6 days.... Sunday, I rest.)

2. Actually STICK to our budget!!!

3. Try one new recipe each week. I have SO MANY cookbooks, and yet we always seem to make the same 10 things...

4. Be a BETTER blogger!! (This should be easier when Camryn comes... then I'll have something more to blog about!)

5. Do more game nights with Rich. We started this a few weeks ago, and have been LOVING it. Problem: we don't have a ton of 2 player games...

6. (Once Camryn arrives) Figure out a SCHEDULE so I keep my sanity!!

7. ORGANIZE all my craft stuff!

8. Be more ACTIVE (gotta lose that gut in a reasonable amount of time!)

9. Get together with friends more (also, MAKE MORE FRIENDS!).

10. Take Rich to see Harry Potter number 6 while we leave Camryn with a sitter! WOO HOO!!

Ok... well that is all I have for now. I think 10 is a reasonable list. Stay tuned to see if I actually COMMIT to any of these!! XOXO


Kristi said...

We have several two person games that you are more than welcome to borrow. Game night with the hubby is tons of fun. --Kristi

Lindsay said...

Adam and I used to have game night like every night in Maui (we were bored and had no friends for awhile). We LOVE Skip-Bo. Fun, fun!