Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Gut... 20 1/2 weeks

Well there you have it. Taken just minutes ago. I swear, it is EXPLODING!!! I told Rich tonight that I don't feel like there is any room for it to get any bigger. But I fear I am VERY wrong. At least the rest of me hasn't exploded... right??? Sigh. Not much to write tonight, but I think I felt her move!!! I was on the phone with Lindsay tonight, and all of the sudden I felt this weirdness in my gut, and then it was all hard where I felt the weirdness!!! Haha I am assuming that was movement, I only felt it once tonight, so who knows?? K well that is all I have for now... Nursery is so close to being finished, so I promise I will work on it and get pictures up soon!!! XOXO


Jenny said...

Your pregnant belly looks like my everyday, non-pregnant gut! Ha ha. I really hope we're in Utah after you have the babe so we can see her!

Carol Benesh said...

Cute little granddaughter!

The Facks of Life said...

Yay! A little belly. You'll look back at this picture in amazement that you ever thought you were big. I should send you the pics of me three hours before I had Luke and you'll never complain again! I was massive! Can't wait for more belly shots.