Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Vacation...

Cam and I left the day after her birthday for a wedding in California, and I realized after I posted about her party, I never did any of her 1 year highlights!! So here they are:

*She is talking up a STORM!!! (I love it!) She says "thank you" (thk gu), "ball" (ba), "balloon" (also ba), Dada, Ma (or Mom), "Uh oh", "book" (buuh), when she tries to say sippy, it comes out "sssss"... I'm trying to remember if there are more..... oh well-- those are her favorites to say.

*She LOVES her teddy bear. We (I) call him Stinky Bear because she sucks on his ears, nose, etc... (don't worry, he gets regular baths). He sleeps in her crib with her, and he makes bedtime a BREEZE!!! We just lay her down and she grabs him and goes right to sleep!

*She loves books and puzzles. She mostly chews on them.. unless the book is a touch and feel.

*She is a SCREAMER!! Don't try to snatch a toy (or cell phone) away from this kid. She has a very strong sense of justice.

*She eats everything. Her favorites right now are veggie straws (found at Costco), grapes, tomatoes, string cheese, hot artichoke dip, frozen yogurt, berries, pickles, peanut butter sandwich crackers, yogurt, applesauce, etc...

*She has 7 teeth now. 4 on top, 3 on bottom.

*She plays pat a cake (and does "roll it" by herself).

*She pulls all her hair clips out of her hair and hands them to me.

*She holds a phone or tv remote up to her ear and talks into it.

*She loves to share her food, and always tries to feed other people.

*She loves cats and dogs. My parents have a cat, and she always stood by their glass door looking for the cat and yelling out "ahh, or at" for cat.

*She snorts when you show her a pig, makes a "meow" sound for cat, and breathes in and out through her nose if you show her a bunny. (We tried to teach her to wiggle her nose for a bunny, but that's what we got.)

*Still takes 2 naps a day (YAY!)

*Loves sing a long DVDs

*Climbs all over

*Jumps if you hold her hands while she stands on a trampoline.

*Can stand by herself for a little bit, but with no intent to take a step.

*Loves to brush her teeth. If I ask her "do you want to brush your teeth?" she says "chh chh chh" (Do you know that song?? Brush my teeth chh chh chh chh, chh chh chh chh chh...? I think it might be from Barney... my little sister watched it when I was younger.)

Alright, well that is all I can come up with. I still need to schedule her one year doctor's appointment, so I don't know any of those stats yet. I promise once my mom uploads all of our pictures from California, I will do a more exciting post!

**PS. For those of you who were curious, yes I did make those monsters for her party. We copied the shapes of those Ugly Dolls, and just made them fun sized. I made them out of fleece (I had a TON of fun colors that I randomly picked up at various trips to JoAnns in the remnant bin) with felt eyes and did a zig-zag stitch for the mouths. They really weren't that hard to make. I traced the shapes onto the fleece, sewed the face details on, and then sewed the monsters right sides together, leaving a small opening to flip them right side out. Stuffed with batting, and hand stitched them closed. To make 15 took me 2 days. Not too bad, PLUS I had all the supplies, so it was a money saver for me!!

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Carol Benesh said...

Oh fine, I'll upload the pictures. And you forgot she says, "Boo," for you know what!