Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As promised....

Waiting by the door for the cat. This kid loves animals. She'd start to yell for him if he wasn't on the porch when she went to look for him. PS. I love this picture. So so much. Might need to print it.

The main reason we went to California was for my friend's wedding. So while I was at that, my parents took Cam to visit with her Great Grandma Dottie. Here she is trying to eat the ball- good luck with that, Camryn.

Sad this one is blurry, but doesn't surprise me. This kid doesn't quit moving!! It's like as soon as she turned one, she turned into this tornado!

Playing Pat-A-Cake with her Great Aunt Cheri. (And she ripped her hair clip out. Not surprised by that one.)

Swimming in Grandma & Grandpa's kiddie pool! She LOVED it. This kid is a definite water baby.

Happy Cam.

Don't mind my knee. I sat on the step while she played. Here she is cooking some delicious pool water.

Ok, so this one cracks me up. If you look closely, you can tell that neither of her pinky fingers are touching the cup. Haha. She is quite the lady.

See the berries in the background?? YUM!

So that is pretty much our trip to CA in a nutshell. We shopped (only a little this time), we ate good food, we played with family and friends, it was a pretty relaxing trip. But as always, it went by TOO FAST!!! Thanks for hosting us Mom and Dad!! (And Linz & Adam in Vegas... we always spend a night or 2 with them!!)


The Facks of Life said...

matt is obsessed with your daughter. i'm pretty sure he thinks she's the cutest thing next to his own daughter. love that girl!

Jared and Cami said...

That first picture of Cam is SO cute! Definitely frame-worthy! Sounds like you guys had lots of fun, I'm super jealous you got a nice long vacation!