Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Camryn!!!

For Cam's birthday this year we (I) decided to go with colors, instead of a theme... So we went with pale pink, bubblegum pink, orange, and brown.

These cake pops are a PAIN to make. I found them at They turned out super cute (thanks to Rich, the cake pop master), but I don't think I'll ever make them again.

I made some napkin flowers for the event, found here. Super easy, and I love how they turned out!!

I made her this cute birthday banner too. Even though we won't do a party in these colors anymore, this will be her standard birthday banner each year. I really love how this came together.

Treat bags. I didn't laminate the labels, but I cut the letters on my cricut, and it would have been a total pain to glue each individual letter on the paper (I made 15 bags), so I just stuck tape over it...

Our guests:

Julie, Sydney, and Baby Charlotte. I grew up with Syd in Pasadena, and now she lives about 30 mins away from us!

Michelle and her little guy Garret, and Amanda. Both Pasadena friends who now live in Utah!

Lici and Seren, Cam's cousins.

Ryder, who lives in our complex.

Ava, who is also our neighbor.

Sophie and her dad, Dave. He and Rich work together.

Sophie's big sister, Aubree.

Presents!!! Everyone was so generous with Miss Cam!! She got some AWESOME stuff.

Kaidrey, playing with her party favor.

Remi, showing off his monster.

Zac with his.

Garret stopped only momentarily to pose for us. This little guy is on the move!! He gives me a preview of what Cam will be like when she learns to walk. She is already crazy with the crawling.

Cake time:
At first she didn't really know what to think of this whole cake thing.

She was pretty clean, and leisurely ate small bites...

So cute with her balloons in the background!!

She likes it!!

And finally she figures out how to enjoy it properly!!

We had such a fun time at her party!!! I can't believe (tomorrow) she's one!!! Happy Birthday Camryn!! We love you! XOXO

Thanks to everyone who made her special day so fun!!


dietcokegrrl said...


Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Love all the decorations and her dainty cake eating!

Enjoy every minute! It goes by way too fast.

Chase and Elise said...

Happy Birthday Miss Camryn! Love the birthday banner! Too cute! I wish I lived by you so we could do crafts together!

Zockoll said...

What a fun day! I wish we could have been there.

Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday to Camryn! That party looks darling! And thanks for the heads up on cake balls. I've thought of doing them multiple times...maybe at some point I'll just make them. :)

Loved the birthday banner! And the little cake was darling. Did you make it or have a bakery do it? You are such a fun mom!

Jon & Jen said...

Happy Birthday Cam! You went all out Lexi! Everything looks perfect, but no surprise there!

Camille said...

we were so bummed to miss it but so glad you posted great pics! of course everything looks perfect and your craftiness is top! we will hire you for ty's bday :) happy birthday camryn!

Laura Essig said...

that was soo cute!!! did you make that amazing cake?? she's so darling!

Taryn said...

Adorable party! Happy birthday Camryn!! Lexi, do not even tell me that you MADE all of those cute little monsters?!

lyndsey said...

so cute! happy birthday cam! i've made those cake bites before...they are SO messy. yet delicious :) my recommendation: just go buy them from sweet tooth fairy.

did you make those cute little monsters? i love them. can we hang out and make stuff together when i get back to utah?

Bekah Condie said...

I am SHOCKED she's already one! That went by way too fast. Looks like such a darling party.

callister and Co. said...

It was so cute. You did an awesome job with everything. And I still can't believe you made everyone monsters! My favors are always lame...anyway she was so cute with her cake, and her crawl is my favorite. I hope the skirts was a blast thanks for the invite!

Anonymous said...

A year old already! She's so precious Lexi! And so big already!!

<3, Talia

The Facks of Life said...

So cute! Good job Lexi! Love that cute Cam!