Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stuff I made for Camryn

So apparently my "conscience" aka my MOM has been wanting to post these pictures for quite awhile now. I thought I wanted to wait until my crib arrives (should be early April) so that I could do a post with a finished nursery.... but apparently I was wrong. So here are all of the things I have made for Camryn (or her room) so far:

The color is a bit off in this picture, but this is a picture frame I made for the top of her dresser. I bought the frame at Heartland Paper (aka my favorite place EVER), covered it in a brown and white polka dot scrapbook paper, and covered a tiny C in cream scrapbook paper. Then I played around with some ink pads I got for distressing... I am pretty happy with the result!!! I think I am going to put her foot prints in the picture section... we'll see.

For this C, I covered a cardboard C that I got (again) at Heartland, and distressed with a more tan ink pad.

This is a close up view of the "flower tree" I made. My super crafty friend Aymee helped me cut the flowers with her cricut, and showed me what technique to do. Basically I layered two different flowers on top of each other, slightly curled the top flower, and pinned it to a big Styrofoam ball. Then we got a stick from her backyard, stuck it in the bottom, and put that in a green foam pad inside a pot. Then we covered it with moss.

Here are all three things together!

This is the entire top of the dresser. Rich's grandparents gave us the carosel for Christmas this year, and I bought the pink goose (or duck.. but I call it a goose) at Real Deals (another one of my favorite places!). I LOVE how all of this came together!

These are the letters I made to hang over her crib. We need to make a magnet board, and then we'll hang the letters from knobs that I painted white, orange, and brown, and glued magnets to the back of... Cute, right??

I made these burp cloths with Lindsay while she was here last month. She was nice enough to share the cute colored burp cloths that she bought with me!

These are the 0-3m onesies I made Camryn. The argyle goes with a plaid skirt I bought her over Christmas, and the fish goes with some fish shorts I got her.

These are the newborn oneseies. She MIGHT wear one of these home.... not sure which one yet.. But I am in love with all of them!!

I even learned how to make hooded towels!!

I bought these PJ pants for 99 cents at Old Navy with Lindsay when we went outlet shopping in Park City. They were missing a shirt, so I just made her one to match!

Flower headbands I made for her! I bought flowers at various craft stores, cut the stems off, and glued them onto clips so that I can switch flowers out as I please!

Last but not least, here are some felt hair clips for the girl. I'm planning on making more after I go to visit my mom (and her new tool that cuts felt!) this weekend.

Well there you have it. I hope my conscience is happy. More pictures next week after I get back from CA!! XOXO


The Skousens said...

Too cute, I love how all of your projects turned're so creative!!! I love the shirts you made! Where did you find those flowers for the headbands because those are the exact ones I need?!

Alyssa said...

Wow! You have been busy! I love the headbands and burp cloths! Cute onesies too!

Carol Benesh said...

Conscience very happy!

Chris and Jenn Roundy said...

Wow Lex... I'm amazed that you made all that stuff! So cute! I need to take a class from you or something to learn how to make cute stuff that looks nice but isn't super expensive. Very Impressive! :-)

Sarah said...

my, my...aren't you crafty! so many cute should teach some classes. :)

Katie said...

look how cute you are with all your crafting....what a cute little mom you are!!! i hope she comes out looking like a camryn or you are screwed....HAHAHAHA!!!!

Jenny said...

Holy cow! That stuff is SO cute! I love all the stuff you made for her room. I wish I loved to craft, but I'm afraid everything I would make would be HIDEOUS!