Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ok, so I realize it has been MONTHS since I last posted... we've had a busy few months! We rented out our condo in February, moved in with Rich's parents while we save for a house, I went to CA for a wedding with Cam, etc....

But none of those are the real reason I haven't blogged. (Sorry, it's not a pregnancy either!) We don't have internet fast enough to upload pictures in a normal amount of time. But, fear not! That is about to change on Monday!!!

So for those of you who have been dying to see what we've been up to, just wait a few more days. It will be worth it.

Cam is awesome. Crazy, but awesome. Has mastered all her shapes, colors, numbers and letters. Turns 2 in a little over a month (yikes!). Runs/jumps EVERYWHERE. Says, "Oh be gosh!", jumps on the trampoline like a champ... Screams just for the fun of it. She's a pretty rad kid. (I'm trying to cope with the screams for fun thing... I'm not a fan.)

Ok, I promise next week I will blog WITH pictures.