Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cam's BFF

Last night we went and hung out with our friends Dave and Aymee for the first time since Camryn was born. They have two cute girls: 2 year old Aubree, and 2 month old Sophie. It was so fun being pregnant with Aymee, because we could totally sympathize with each other about EVERYTHING (except I gained like 20 lbs more than she did... Boo.). So in honor of their first official meeting, we took some pictures of these cute babies together!!

K the above picture is NOT the best of me... I'm still a little "soft."

Cute little girls!!

Camryn is almost as tall as Sophie!! I couldn't believe it.

So there you have it. Cam loved meeting her BFF-- We are going to have some fun with these girls!

In other news, Camryn went to the pediatrician on Friday. She weighed 8 lbs 4 oz (65%), was 20.5 in long (80%) and has a head circumference of 14 in (50%). They also did the heel prick, which was the SADDEST thing ever. I was not a big fan. I think I cried more than she did. Not fun.

She is still a super good baby!! Only cries when she wants to eat, and is a really good sleeper!! (But only when she is sleeping next to one of us... NOT my favorite, but I am way too exhausted to fight with her.) We are going on our first road trip tomorrow, to Vegas and California, so look for a new post when we return!! XOXO

**Took Cam to a check up with my midwife today, and she's 8 lbs 7 oz now... what a little chunker!!**


callister and Co. said...

Cute matching blog posts! You look great none of this "soft" crap. But I do know how you feel. :) I still can't get over how beautiful Camryn is. And those eyes. They kill me. I look foreward to your post after vacation, but you need to call me too so I can hear all the details and plan to get together again. Have fun.

Lindsay said...

Maybe it's just the lighting...but Cam's hair looks reddish in that second picture!

Destiny said...

Lexi! She is so cute!! I can't believe your a Mommy! You look SOOO good! I bet I gained lots more then you did- my Tyce is 8 months old and I am STILL 'soft'- but you look great!!!!! I miss you!! I'm excited that I found you! Your little family is so cute!

Chase and Ashley Winegar said...

Hope everything is going well in California! How did baby girl do on that long car ride? We'll for sure have to get together after you get home.

Pablo and Syd said...

I can't believe that your little one has already grown so much! I have a feeling she's gonna look like her mommy. Im so excited that we'll both have little girls. I need to meet your little one! when are we going to be able to get together?