Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Trip to Provo

Yesterday I started the day with my bi-monthly midwife appointment in SLC. Things are looking good. I weigh an even 140...(which Rich was kind enough to point out is only 35lbs less than he weighs). After that I headed down to Orem to visit with my friend Michelle and her cute baby Garret! Then I went on to Provo to hang out with Rich's cousin Kathleen for a few hours, and we stuffed our faces on some of this: (I got a turkey bacon avocado on focaccia... delish!!)

We went to run a few errands together, and then at the end of the day treated ourselves to a little shave ice from the Malt Shoppe... SO so so good (even with cold weather outside!).

The main reason I went down to Provo was because I was invited to an Usborne book party by JD's cute wife Jamie (I would put a link to them, but their blog is private!). To get in the spirit of having a baby girl come into our house soon, I got 2 books:

And this:

I am so excited to get these!! Hopefully Camryn will like them too!! (Unless we end up with a tomboy... then I will have to get some truck books or something. haha!)

Well that is all I have for now. My sister Kylee is coming up on Saturday for a week, so maybe I will have more pictures to post then! XOXO


Lindsay said...

Ok...two things:

1. J-E-A-L-O-U-S of the shave ice. Ohhh....I want some!

2. I don't believe that Richard weighs 175. That's more than Adam weighs. I think someone needs to take down his ban on scales...'cuz I don't think he weighs that much!

Josh Cummings said...

I love Usborne books. We have several, but no girl books, alas. I am glad that you had fun and am very jealous of the shaved ice. It is always a must when I am pregnant.

Josh Cummings said...

Okay, so Kristi is really Josh, don't know how that happened.

Lilian said...

what I wanna know is when you're coming to visit? BTW I love your crafts and your shirts. Love LOVE Love!

Jenny said...

Man I miss shaved ice from the malt shoppe! Reminds me of Seven Peaks last summer...

And I have that exact book for Caydon. Except it's 'That's not my Pony." They're awesome.