Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun Friday Night with Clark + Nikki!!

(I don't know why all of this is underlined, but it is driving me crazy)

We had a super fun night last night with our good friends Clark and Nikki (soon to be married this June!). Nikki is living in Provo and going to BYU, and Clark is finishing up school in CA, so we hardly get to see these guys!! We started the night by going to one of our favorite places, Yogurt Stop, and getting some delicious Boba... MMM!

After Boba, we headed back to our place for the fastest game of Clue ever. I'm not kidding, Clark figured it out on his second turn. (hmm.. the underlining disappeared....???)

So we decided to play a slightly longer game. Which was going great, until we decided to make up our own spelling of words to make sure they landed on the "good" squares. I think the best was when Clark added an L to one of Rich's words, making "lzealous." haha.

After Scrabble, we dusted off our PS2, and played some of this:

It has been MONTHS since we have played this, and I must admit, I was a little rusty!! All in all, we had an awesome night!! Thanks for driving up to visit us you guys!! XOXO

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