Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Trip to Califonia!!

Finally back to the blogging world!! Yikes- I have been a total slacker. I never take pictures on my camera anymore, just my phone, and I never think to upload them to iPhoto, and who wants to read a blog without pictures of Miss Camryn??

So last month my little sister graduated from highschool!! (Pictures of that on FB...) It was so fun- all the sisters were in town at once!!! The last time all 4 of us were together was Christmas 2009 when Cam was 6 months old. Anyway, we (Rich came too!) were in CA for 6 days and had a blast! My mom had been telling me about this pirate themed park they have behind the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, so an hour or so after we arrived, we went to the park to let Cam stretch her legs for a bit! We also had a short visit with Cam's namesake (Morgan Paige... I baby sat her growing up and always loved her middle name!), which was so fun! Here's Cam riding in a big swing. She loved it!

This park also had a sandbox with a water feature. It was a seriously cool park. I wish we took some pictures of the actual play structure.

A tradition with Grandma B: Riding the carousel at the mall!! You can't really tell by this face, but she loooved it! We rode a few times.

We also took Cam to the pony rides at Griffith Park!! She loves walking to the mini ponies that live by Rich's parents, but I was a little nervous about how she would react to sitting on a real pony, so we put her on the ponies that just walk in a circle...

She was in heaven riding the "Pomies"

Can you tell??

So my big girl quickly advanced to the big kid ponies that walk around the track!! (I'm not sure she realizes that she is BARELY 2. Homegirl thinks she is a big kid!)

And she pretty much is.... sigh.

I'm pretty sure this train ride blew her mind.

Wondering why her parents have been holding out on her for so long...

After ponies and trains, we took Miss Cam to another park, where she demonstrated her favorite trick: Hanging from the monkey bars for a few seconds and then letting go (we catch her).

She loves it!! (And her Daddy...)

We had so much fun visiting Grandma and Grandpa (and stealing Kylee for 2 weeks!). We can't wait to do it again!!

Our 2 year old big girl can:

*Unlock my iPhone, open the folder with her games, and play games by herself. (And get on youtube and watch Sesame Street videos!)

*Sings Twinkle, Twinkle whenever we ask her to sing any other song. And she thinks her little joke is the most hilarious thing ever.

*Wears 2T and size 4 diapers (but not for much longer--- we are potty training on Monday!?!)

*Loooooves babies and always wants to hold them. "Hold it, a baby?"

*Memorizes her books. She can look at the pages of some of her books, and can tell by the picture what line she is supposed to say. My favorite is "The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear."

*Counts to 10, but leaves out 5 and 6.

*Hates nursery at church with a passion.

*Has a weakness for sugar.

*Requests yogurt at least 3 times a day.

*Loved swimming until the little daredevil went down a water slide by herself in Vegas, and now wants nothing to do with the pool unless I am holding her.

*Still naps about 2.5 hours a day

*Is the trampoline jumping champion in Rich's family. Seriously. The 3 year old cousins hate jumping with her because she bounces them too high!! The 5 year old holds his own though! It's pretty funny.

*Preferred method of transportation: jumping/running. Or holding our hands and saying, "ready... set...go!!" so we'll swing her.

*Has all (or most) of her 2 year molars... another uneventful experience. I'd never know she got them if I didn't brush her teeth...

*Loves talking on the phone.

*Loves shoes and boots.

This girl is getting so big!! The other night she peed on the potty, and then requested a "showler" (shower) instead of her usual bath, and totally took a shower by herself (with her daddy helping wash her hair. She washed her own body). I can't believe she is so grown up!


Anonymous said...

She is sooo cute!

lyndsey said...

YEAH! glad you're back to the blogging world. cam is getting so big!! that girl is adorable.

Carol Benesh said...

We want her to come back, soon. Apparently kidspace is worth seeing!

Claire Valene Bagley said...

I am so so happy I got to see you at the reception. I missed you girl! Repeat performance soon?