Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cram is Eight Months!!

How cute is this little monster?? (I call her monster b/c she only napped for 45 mins today. BOO!)

Cam is learning to crawl!?! Not so great at going forward, but she is a pro at the backwards crawl. Rich always tells her to "throw it into drive!!" haha.

Haha mid-playing, she looked up and saw her ABC sing-along DVD was on, so she stopped and watched for a bit.

Mmm.... Puffs.

Mmmm.. More puffs!!

And here is Cam's favorite trick. It's pretty entertaining, and she usually does it on command (as long as you screech at her first).

Some fun things about our favorite girl:

*She has 3 teeth!! The two bottom front ones, and the top right front one just poked through yesterday.

*She is tall!?!? 95th percentile for height. (75th for weight, and 50th for head)

*She LOVES people food- (and baby food too!) she pretty much eats off our plates.

*She shakes her head no. Haha, I don't think she really knows what it means, but she will randomly shake her head when you ask her a question. It's pretty funny.

*She is a great sleeper (usually isn't awake for the day til 10am!)

*She blows raspberries.

*She still loves the bath.

*She claps whenever you say "Yay!!" I LOVE this one. So cute!

*She LOVES music.

*Nicknames: Cam, Cram, Cramryn, Booger Baby (she's been sick...), Baby Girl, Cramen, get the idea.

*She loves her Daddy, and reaches for him when he comes through the door.

*If she wants you to pick her up, she'll crawl/scoot over to you and raise one arm so you'll hold her.

*We haven't figured out how to get her to last through 3 hours of church. She won't fall asleep at church, but she is usually ready to go down for a nap during. So we usually suffer through 2 hours of her being wiggly and whiny, and then there is no way she'll survive the last hour. SOO annoying!

*She wears 6-12 month clothes, doesn't really fit into any shoes (except the cute shoes I make her!! Pattern bought from here.)

*She is still such a happy girl!! Pretty much just goes with the flow- we love our little Cramryn!


Carol Benesh said...

Wow, I didn't comment last night. Darling Cam! We love YOU!

dietcokegrrl said...

Lexi--she is so beautiful! Her eyes are so amazingly blue!! And she does look really tall!

Try Pedipeds for her feet. Hannah's feet were so fat when she was a baby, that no shoes would fit her--not only because of the width of her foot, but also the girth.

Now that she is older and her foot has thinned out a bit, she can wear Stride Rite dress shoes. But we still do Pedipeds as our everyday shoes. You can find some good deals online--you just need to watch for them. I'll send you an email if I find a good deal.

Cute cute Cam!!

The Facks of Life said...

I miss that little girl. Three teeth? Big girl. She had a tooth before he has 8!!! Yeah, the last 2 months have been pretty miserable to say the least. Coming to visit any time soon?

The Hyer Family said...

Welcome to kids and church--you're certainly not alone in the "church stinks at this stage" club. Just endure it and know that it does not last...before you know it, her naps will shift and cranky tired church baby will be a thing of the past...she's pretty cute!

Laura Essig said...

hahahaha.. she is seriously soo cute! I love your zoo post.. that kid hanging on the stroller is hilarious! Ok ellie pants too.. but then she barks (she think s she's a dog) and I am not about to burst that bubble.. so i told Logan the story about the mayo.. and we laughed so hard.. pam asked me for beef the other day because she ran out of her food stamps... and after she asked her 300 pound daughter told her that she wanted some soda.. and she said righ ton front of me that she would take her to go get some soda...... I wanted to take my meat back!!!!