Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another Hawaii Post...

We have been having so much fun in Hawaii with Kempton and Jenny!!!  Today is our last day, and we are so sad to leave! Here are some highlights from the past few days...
Our beach house is just minutes away from the Hawaii temple, so we had to drive by and get a good picture!

We went snorkeling at Waimea Bay... it was SOOOO pretty!!

Jenny and I are so excited to get our snorkel on!!

Ahhhh......So gorgeous!

Right across from Waimea Bay there is a Catholic Church with this Jesus statue... Rich LOVED it!!

A little blurry, but we are enjoying dinner on our deck at the beach house.

Here we are posing in front of our next house... at Waimea Valley.  At least we have each other.

If you squint your eyes, you can barely make out the waterfall in the background.  What a disappointment.

Chardie and Kempo took the "chance of a lifetime" to swim in the waterfall pond.

The "Amazing" waterfall.  More like a trickle of water down a rock.

Chardie found a pretty flower for my hair!

Hahah not the best shot of me, but here we are on a canoe ride at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Kempton and Jenny posing with the natives.

The cooked pig for the luau... it was so yummy!

We got lei'd.

After dinner we took the tour bus to the temple.

Pre parasailing!! They made us go first!!!

Look mom, no hands!!! No, actually I think I was using my death grip the entire time.

 Made it back!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! 

We'll see if I get anymore pictures of our last day.... our rental car return is at noon, and flights aren't until 10pm, so we might be spending the day in the airport. Sad, huh??? 


Lindsay said...

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! I wanna go on your next fun vacation!

The Facks of Life said...

so fun. i'm with lindsay...i'm coming on your next trip with you.