Sunday, March 16, 2008

Construction Pictures!

      The amazing sleeping Richard can tile a bathroom without even opening his eyes!

Well, maybe just a peek...

This should be the BEFORE picture... it's actually a shot of our guest bath, because we forgot to take one of the master- pretty much the same though-- VERY gross!

Our guest bedroom... we affectionally refer to it as the garage.

Our kitchen had a soffit, making our cabinet space awful!! We decided why not add a little excitement to our lives, and rip it out to put in taller cabinets?!?


                                                                                              Ok, we have been remodeling our condo in Bountiful, UT for the past 6+ months- and haven't been able to show any of our out of town people all the progress we have made!! So here is what we have so far... unfortunately half of our BEFORE pictures are on Rich's mom's camera, but this will give everyone a little preview!! It has been lots of work, but we are really happy with how everything has turned out so far.  

**Side note**
   I'm sure you can tell that I am VERY new at this blogging thing!  The pictures are not in order at all!!

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